What’s Binger?

Binger is a web application that presents you with movies and TV shows and lets you swipe to decide whether to watch them later or not.

Table of Contents

Technical Talk

Back End

We used Firebase for storing back-end information, which also proved useful for login using social media sites such as Facebook and Google.

I also ran a proxy server, which served to consolidate API requests (we used many, many, many APIs for all of the movie and TV data).

Front End

The front end was written by David Zhao and me. We used the material.io framework to make things look nice. One challenge we ran into was making an interactive swiping interface, which we ultimately found a library for.

What I was happy with

We were able to make a proto-progressive web app that was mobile-oriented.

What I would change

If I were to redo this project, I would use an MVC to cut down on the amount of repetition in the code. I also have a better web server setup now, which means I don’t have to do something as hacky as server.naitian.org:8080 as the proxy endpoint…

Can I try it out?

Unfortunately, no :cry:. It used to be live here, but the proxy script that I used to field all of the API calls is not running right now. (In fact, I’m not even sure where it is…) However, if I do find the script, I might refactor some things and relaunch it.


Login page.
A card for a movie. Swipe right to save, left to discard.
List of saved shows and movies.

More stuff

This project was built for HackUMBC Spring 2016, and you can read more about it on Devpost.