First Semester Reflections

Table of Contents

Eve of Destruction

And by destruction, of course, I mean winter semester. School starts up again tomorrow, so I figured today I'd share some reflections on my first semester of college (or as our friends across the pond say, uni).

And since I'm lazy, I'll do it in list form.

A List of Things That Happened

and how I felt about them, etc etc.

  1. The football team is pretty good at, you know, football.
  2. We do not speak of the OSU game.
  3. Homework actually counts for something
  4. Homework is apparently useful for reinforcing lecture material.
  5. Math is definitely easier when learning it for the second time.
  6. I have way more time than I know what to do with.
  7. I should work on more projects.
  8. I should do research.
  9. CAEN is definitely run better than tjCSL
  10. Working at CAEN is nowhere near as fun as working at tjCSL.
  11. Late nights are okay on weekends, never on weekdays.
  12. I definitely sleep way more than I used to.
  13. It's a bad idea to get trapped in downpour at 3am.
  14. Looking forward to chemistry, the saturation point also means, after a certain extent, it's physically impossible to get more wet.
  15. Projects and homework take a lot of time.
  16. Michigan Data Science Team is pretty cool.
  17. I miss playing in band (am playing in band W19).
  18. There are lots of opportunities for free food.
  19. Trello is really useful for making sense of my life.
  20. Who am I kidding, it's impossible to make sense of my life.
  21. I appreciate histograms.
  22. CAEN SSH does not allow Kerberos ticket auth and that makes me mad.