Procrastination and Showering


I have a final in just over two hours. In fact, it's the last final of my first semester. The final final, so to speak.

And like the model student I am, I'm not studying right now. Instead, I'm writing an entry for a blog that probably only I read.

But whatever. Here's a quick tip I've picked up.


Yes, that is indeed something one should do at college. But there's more. I've discovered, the time spent under the shower head is a great time to do math homework!

On multiple occasions, I've figured out a problem or a proof while being pummeled by particles of water. I think it has something to do with the white noise of water and not having any distractions.

Here are a couple of ways to set yourself up for success in seeking your shower-solution:

  1. You should definitely attempt the problem before showering. You should know the problem inside and out before you try to throw suds at the solution.
  2. Don't shower immediately after attempting the problem. I like to sleep on it, so try it the night before, then shower in the morning.
  3. A good way to know if you will find success in the shower is if you feel like you're incredibly close to the answer, but you're missing one key insight, or your mental processes are clouded by the fact that you've been working on it for so long.

One pitfall of this technique, of course, is the inexplicable lack of accessible showers in the exam setting. But you win some and you lose some, I guess.

Best of luck to you in your hot-shower homework endeavours. I need to go cram for a final now.