Let it Snow

Just drag this link to the bookmark bar, click it, and you, too, can be greeted by the non-denominational red deer-pulled guy:

❄️Let it Snow❄️

Screenshot of Christmas

Ion has a winter theme that gets activated every December, with snowfall and a Non-denominational Red Deer-Pulled Guy.

I found myself missing this, since Michigan's "Intranet", Wolverine Access (which is actually just Oracle SIS, but I digress) doesn't have this nifty feature.

So I decided to port the snow theme over to a bookmarklet, so I can access get snow at any time!

Thanks Derek Morris (TJ '11) and Zachary Yaro (TJ '12) for the actual code.

Pro Tip: if you click it multiple times, you'll get multiple non-denominational holidays!

Pro Tip 2: if you click it enough times, your computer will overheat to keep you warm during those cold winter nights.