New Year, New Blog, and New Bugs

Organizing My Thoughts

I'm writing this blog post on New Year's Day, bracing myself for the violent reentry into my hectic school life in less than 2 days. I think this is a good opportunity for me to take a step back and organize my thoughts while I still have the time (and patience), so here goes.

Table of Contents

This Website

I've spent the majority of my winter break working on this website. It's built with blood, sweat, and tears, except instead of blood I used Jekyll, and instead of sweat and tears I used Sass and HTML.

This was also my first time working with Sass, so definitely expect something about that experience soon. In fact, I didn't expect to be using Sass, until my hand was basically forced when I wanted to use any type of asset pipeline for minimizing and optimizing my assets.

There's still lots of work to be done, particularly in the little "terminal" easter egg on the home page, but I'm very happy with the site.

This Blog

After finishing the first version of the blog sometime in May of this year last year, I uploaded my first post (about Chrome Dev Tools), and then promptly ignored it for the rest of the year. I definitely plan on posting more, and hopefully at least once every week, with either tidbits of my personal life or technical advice.

This Life (Mine, Not Yours)

I expect that, once I enter the halls of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, I will once again be faced with the challenges of balancing schoolwork with everything else that I want to do, including Dev Club, this blog, band, and so much more. So how do I plan on staying afloat? If only I knew. That said, I'll take to heart Dory's advice of "Just keep swimming", and keep you guys updated.

Speaking of Being Updated...

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Anyway, Happy New Year's, and I hope you're as excited as I am (despite my moaning and groaning) to start this year off strong.