Ad Astra Shirt

What is it?

A shirt for the 2016 Thomas Jefferson Marching Colonials


The 2016 TJHSST Marching Band show, entitled ‘Ad Astra’, told the story of human spaceflight.

The marching band uses student-submitted designs for its two show shirts. The design shown was one of the two to be selected.

Some challenges and considerations that I ran across while designing the shirt included limited color range and comfort.

The shirt was restricted to being black and white. This was an interesting challenge, and led to an exploration in using negative space. The image on the shirt depicts the dark side of the moon, with a spaceship breaking through into the light.

A practical consideration was one of comfort. The marching band rehearses for long hours in the summer, and designing a shirt that was comfortable enough to wear during rehearsals and under a heavy woolen uniform meant I needed to show some restraint in the design. The ink tends to stick to the body and become uncomfortable when the temperature rises, which was another reason I chose to leave lots of whitespace in the design.

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